Monday, August 27, 2012

Hair Cuts - Summer in Review

June 1st

At the start of summer I noticed the boys were in desperate need of a hair cut.  Especially Caleb; and as this was Caleb's first hair cut, I of course took pictures. 

The bath before the hair cut, since my boys always seem to be covered in dirt...

I have found that the best way to cut the boys hair is a pair of clippers and a stool outside on the patio.  While it was sad to cut off Caleb's curls, it was time to get rid of the baby curls and have a big boy hair cut.

Caleb was first.
 He did surprisingly well, sat still through the whole thing without being bribed with a Popsicle or anything!
 No more curls!

Brendan was next.  
Although he usually hates hair cuts and wont still through to the point that I have to hold him down while Scott cuts his hair, I made such a big deal about Caleb sitting so still that Brendan decided he would too.  I still had to give him a treat when he was done though.

At the end I had two good looking boys, and at 2 years old, Caleb had his first hair cut!

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